It’s a beautiful day outside! Today’s marriage challenge: Let’s go enjoy it! (If your husband is busy, enjoy it while thinking about him, and then share the joy with him when you see him later.)

And in the spirit of the Saturday Grapevine*, try to find some time to enjoy your husband and celebrate your love today! You don’t have to have special equipment, or reservations, or spend a lot of money.

Go wading in the creek.

Catch some crawdads.

Go fishing.

Build a campfire and roast some hotdogs and make some sticky s’mores.

Get some sparkling grape juice and make a toast to each other in the moonlight.

Speaking of moonlight — it makes everything special. And since the moon is going to be bright tonight, plan a romantic moonlight walk.

Go parking.

Take a blanket and go star gazing — but since you won’t be able to see the starts because of the brightness of the moon. . . you’ll have to find something else to do!

If you don’t have a babysitter, you can even take the kids. If you plan it right, you can distract them while you sneak a few kisses with your husband! Lay out a blanket for them (on the other side of the yard — or behind the hydrangea bush) and tell them to look for the big dipper (since the moon’s out — it will take them longer to realize it’s not there) — or have them watch for and count fireflies — or listen for frogs and night sounds.

While they’re distracted, tell your husband how much you love him. Enjoy the moments. Step away from the stress. Move away from the mundane. Banish the boredom. Dance in the moonbeams. Create an atmosphere of delicious delight and lose yourself in his embrace.

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