Happy Mother’s Day to all of you women who have birthed joy and created beauty.

And if you happen to have mothered children, may your day be blessed with happy memories of the moments you spent investing in their lives.

And may I challenge you to live with no regrets?  You’ll never regret leaving that floor unmopped in order to spend time putting together a puzzle.  You’ll never regret the toy-strewn floor or the cluttered closets. . . some day — trust me.  You’ll never regret a long hug, a tossled head, a wink, an I love you tossed after the toddler turned teenager.

Long after the echoing laughter fades like a fingerprint on the window, you’ll cherish the moments.

All you really have is the moment anyway.

Yesterday is a memory whose color fades, leaving a dull impression, a shadow of the moment.

Tomorrow is a grand dream, a far-off rainbow promise of a moment that cannot be grasped except in wonder.

This moment is real, and can be touched, grasped, hugged, loved, and embraced — do it!

  • I don’t regret one contraction, one sleepless night, one more rhythm of the rocker.
  • I don’t regret one moment spent gazing into the face of a sleeping child that I couldn’t bear to lay down.
  • I don’t regret one dirty dish that I spurned in exchange for one more book.
  • I don’t regret one moment of investing in slobbery, slimy, clingy, time-consuming, burdensome little blessings!

In fact, it’s the one thing that has brought me the most satisfaction and contentment and joy in my life.  May you know this joy, too!

Happy Mother’s Day!