I am so glad that you are joining us on this 100 day journey to my anniversary! Just one more week until our twenty-eighth anniversary!

Love is the gift that you can’t give away without receiving something in return, so I hope that you are enjoying the benefits of implementing some of these tips!

I know that some of the tips I’ve been sharing lately are heavy and dark. Thanks for hanging in here with me, and please take a moment today to pray for your sisters who are battling the very real and serious issues that face their marriages.

For all of you, here’s a reminder to have some fun today with a bonus tip:  surprise your husband!

Maybe you have been married for years and years and you think he knows everything about you.

Surprise him by doing something unexpected.

This could be as simple as writing him a love note, tucking a bottle of sparkling grape juice under his pillow, and inviting him on a treasure hunt to find the goblets, waking him up with a massage, sending him an intriguing email, mail-ordering some lingerie — addressed to him, buy him some green m&m’s :), inviting him on a picnic, hide the remote in your lingerie drawer!  It doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult.

Maybe you have some other great ideas. I’d love to hear them if you’d like to comment!

Have fun together!

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