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June 7, 2012

What If I’m Not Attracted To My Husband Anymore?

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Written by: Shari Popejoy
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Attraction, like magnetism, is best from a small distance!

Step back and consider what attracted you to your husband in the first place. Was it his sense of humor? His integrity? His steady patience? His drive and determination? His eyes or smile?

Through the years we change as we pass through the seasons. Life changes us, but inside we’re really much the same — the same electrical energy and chemistry flows throughout our lives in varying levels.

If marriage and motherhood and career and education and loss has changed you — it has changed your husband, too.

If you wait long enough, you’ll get the chance to be married to many different stages of that man, with the opportunity to share attraction with all the stages.

That young strong virile man with all the testosterone, who couldn’t get enough of you — well, that’s very attractive!!

If you’re attracted to older men — well, just wait a few years and he’ll be older — and have some gray around the edges, and those scholarly specs, and those serious furrows on his brow that you can kiss away!

And who hasn’t wanted to be married to a grandpa! Ha! (Only a grandma — but those days are coming for all of us!!)

But seriously, as we grow in love and share the seasons together a miracle of magnetism is occurring, and there will be a day when the wrinkled hand that reaches for yours, and the watery eyes that look adoringly at you from the withered face — will be the most attractive thing you’ve ever seen!

So, the best cure for loss of attraction is to just turn around, get closer, and wait!

Hang in there. Honor your vows. Step back a little and let the power of magnetism begin to attract you to your husband again.

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