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June 27, 2012

What If My Husband Is Annoying?

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Written by: Shari Popejoy
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Thanks for joining us for our What IF summer series!

Today’s question: What if my husband is annoying?

Yeah, well, that can really be annoying! :D

And sometimes it is something insignificant that is so very annoying.

Sometimes, just the look on his face, or the set of his shoulders, or the attitude with which he enters the room — is just plain annoying!

Which leads me to wonder — is my husband just so awfully annoying — or am I just so very annoyable at the moment.

And that is a very valid question to ask yourself, Ladies. Some days we are just more easily annoyed than other days.

So. . . my general rule is that if my husband is particularly annoying, rather than immediately jumping to the conclusion that he is just purposely trying to annoy me, so that I might get irritable and cranky, and react in a way that could possibly cause a conflict, that might blow up into an argument, that could potentially turn into days of fighting. . . perhaps I should consider that I am receiving the signals incorrectly.

Maybe I’m just overly sensitive . . . to his normal everyday annoyability — today.

Maybe tomorrow this little annoyance might even cause a feeling of warm fuzzies!

Have you ever been annoyed when your husband came up from behind and rubbed his cheek on yours, and you pulled back at the bristly, whiskery abrasion? Has the same sweet nuzzle happened, and you melted into his arms with a happy sigh that this manly man loves you so much?

Same action, different results — no wonder I confuse him!

So, just be aware of your own annoyance-o-meter. If the signals are making your receiver go crazy — it might be time to hit the reset button! Take a break. Tomorrow is a new day! And rather than really tell your husband how terribly annoying he is today. . . wait until tomorrow to tell him how incredibly cute he is!

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