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There is incredible power in prayer. In fact, within marriage resides an exponentially more powerful and effective prayer life than is available to just one, that I call the power of two.

In marriage 1+1>2!

Your prayers alone, and your husband’s prayers alone — are not nearly as powerful as your prayers together. You know — when two or more are gathered (Matt 18:20. . .  and two are better than one (Eccl 4:9) . . . and two become one. . . (Eph 5:31).

So, are you and your husband praying together?

Possibly not, because prayer is an intimate and vulnerable place that comes from deep within your heart, that soul within that communes with God on such a personal level. And maybe we haven’t let our husband into that place. Maybe you’re keeping him out on purpose. Maybe he doesn’t deserve to enter into that Holy of Holies. Maybe it is such a sacred place that you don’t want to soil the sacred with hands that are stained, or with his clumsy attempts to infiltrate one more area of your life!

Or maybe, he is shy and awkward, and is dragging his feet in this area.

Whatever the reason, if you haven’t developed an intimacy in prayer with your husband —  a honeymoon of a prayer life awaits!

Intimacy is being vulnerable with another person.

Spirituality and prayer is vulnerability with God.

Prayer in marriage is the ability to be vulnerable with another person as together you are vulnerable before God. Marital prayer is the inviting of God into a part of your marriage, and it is the entering in of your marriage into the Holy of Holies.

It sounds risky. Maybe one more area of intimacy to mess up. And yet, it is so simple that a child can show us the way. You know how your child runs and jumps in bed with you, and snuggles up and gets comfortable? Sometimes without asking. With no fear, no awkwardness, just complete faith and security and coziness!

That’s how intimate we should be with God in our marriage — but it takes time, and so I wonder if together we might work on this prayer intimacy this week in our marriage?

Let’s just take three minutes every day and hold hands with our man, and discuss the areas we’d like to pray about, and then invite God to be part of your discussion, and just take turns talking to each other as you involve God in your conversation.

Yes, it might be awkward at first, but just as the awkwardness disappears in intimacy between husband and wife, the awkwardness of sharing in this area will become less — and can even lend to more intimacy and vulnerability together as God blesses your union with his Holy pleasure of your oneness.

I’m praying for you!