Doesn’t happen very often when the day, month, and year are the same number. Heard someone on TV say that it won’t happen again in our lifetime, but I’m planning to live to see 2/22/22, and maybe even 3/3/33!

But in case you’re not ready to give up this duodecim at midnight, maybe you’d be interested in celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas! For, it is now twelve days, twelve hours, twelve minutes until the festivities begin (depending on how you count — and when you start celebrating!)

So, let’s put our Santa cap on, and think about ways that we could celebrate the gift of love and giving in our marriage every day for twelve days.

I’ll get you started!

  1. Wrap each other up in gaudy Christmas paper. Then unwrap the fun!
  2. Let each other pick a fun seasonal carol and then act it out — or change the words a little for some festive fun! (In the meadow we can build a snowman, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Oh, you better watch out, you better ___ ___)
  3. Don’t have a lot of time? Tell him you’ll make out with him by the light of the Christmas tree, for as long as it takes for his favorite Christmas song to play. (He’ll probably decide that the Twelve Days of Christmas is his new favorite carol!)
  4. Send him a Christmas card at work. Add a lot of wink/winks or double entendres that only he will get. And if it’s really steamy, he’ll hide it in his desk and read it to himself several times a day, while he’s looking forward to getting home to you!
  5. Write fun romantic and sensual things you enjoy doing together on slips of paper, fold them up, put them in a Santa hat, and let him draw one out for his early Christmas present. To add to the fun, talk out loud to yourself within his hearing while you’re writing the slips of paper! (Be sure to destroy the evidence before the kids find the hat!)
  6. Tell the kids you’re going outside for a few minutes to check the lights and outside decorations. Then sit on the swing with your husband and enjoy the view of all the things you love most in the world, tucked up all twinkly inside, while you’re outside with your man, keeping each other warm and cuddly.
  7. Add to my list! Always glad to hear some fun new ideas, and I’d love to hear yours!
  8. Click here to read a post I wrote last year with twelve more fun ideas.

Fa la la la la!