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(Would you pin this graphic for me?) 🙂

Welcome to 30 Days to Romance! How fun to spend a whole romantic month instead of just one day! There’s just too much romance to fit into just one day anyway. And shouldn’t every day be a romantic holiday? 😀

I sure hope you come over and comment on the 30 Days To. . . Facebook page. It’s just not as much fun talking to myself, and this is a fun topic. Everyone has something to contribute! Even if you’re not as romantic as a roadrunner, I know you have some great ideas to add some fun and romance into marriage, and we’re all ears!

So, come over to the FB page and comment here.

But, first, head  here, and read a fun post: 5 Things you Can Do To Get Roses for Valentine’s Day. This is my marriage column for my friends at Home Educating Family Magazine, and I’d love for you to comment and share this column. When you get to the bottom of the article, there on the left, just click on the Facebook share button.  Thanks!

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