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Picture a Tuscan sky, wandering between rows of grape vines, hand-in-hand with your lover, who is also your best friend, who is also your life partner — your husband. And the days are spent in long intimate conversations, and the evenings are spent in long intimate moments of delight and connection and lingering in the embrace of the man you love.

Great. How do we get from here to there?

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What if we could take a 30 day trip to get from here to there. Could it be possible to sail to a new world in 30 days? The Mayflower went from Southhampton, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 66 days, bringing the Pilgrims to a new world. Could we be brave enough to set sail on an excursion that might take us to a new country of physical and emotional intimacy?

30 Days to Intimacy is an ebook of daily reflections and challenges and prayers that can offer a romantic getaway to the somewhere over the rainbow that God declared, “Very good”– a Christian marriage.

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