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30 Days to Romance

January 30, 2013

Using Pinterest for Romantic Ideas

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Written by: Shari Popejoy
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Easy and ‘Sweet” idea from Nap Time Journal

Pinterest is a graphical interface to all things interesting on the internet!

You go there and search a topic, and up pop hundreds of pictures that you can quickly browse through, to find what captures your interest.

If you’re needing a romantic idea for your sweetie, it might just give you the spark you need to create a fun and cute gift as you get ready for the romance of Valentine’s Day!

I’ve started a board for 30 Days to Romance, and you can follow me here.

Here’s a great idea from my good friend, Pam. Her husband loves Mounds candy bars, and she says:

Know what’s romantic to Carl? He loves, and I mean loves “Mounds” candy bars. To me “Mounds” are just too pedantic for a romantic gift. Well, I found out that Russell Stover makes the most delicious “Fresh and Tender” individually wrapped coconut candy dipped in dark chocolate and you can buy it by the bag! Russell Stover says they make their candy, “handcrafted in small batches” and that is why it is so good.  I found a darling heart embellished bag and loading the candy in clear and red cellophane, with red bow! To Carl, a gift like this is pure love. I’ve said it time and time again, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Pure and simple…you can’t beat dark chocolate and sweet and tender coconut for pure satisfaction…ooooh, la-la!

You can just bet that Pam and Carl are going to have lots of romantic holidays–all year long!

Visit my “30 Day’s to Romance” pin board for more cute ideas for the hubby! And share some of your own ideas by joining the discussion on Facebook.

In fact, I’ll be on Facebook Friday morning for a coffee break at 10:00 CST. Join me? Maybe we can hear about some cute and romantic ideas that we can try out on our husbands!

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