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December 2, 2010

Making Christmas Presents; How to ‘Make’ Christmas More Enjoyable

We’ve all been there — after the rush of getting ready for Christmas morning.  The weeks of Christmas program rehearsals, culminated in a rushed evening where we proclaim on the way to the church,

“Remind me never to do this again,” and beam afterward, “Oh, that was so special.  I always love this time of year.” 

The month of decorating the tree, the house, the porch, the yard, the lights, even – the bathroom?

Sending the Christmas cards, making the Christmas candy, going to seemingly endless office parties, wrapping the gifts, the extra trip to town to get the stocking stuffers, donating to the red kettle, finding others to bless. . ., and finally you got it all finished, and the ham is sitting on the counter, ready to be scored and cloved, and the darling children have rubbed the sleep from their eyes, as they raced all dressed in their special Christmassy pajamas to the tree, so the first Christmas morning pictures will look especially. . . Christmassy.

And now, the floor is strewn with mounds of wrapping paper, bows are stuck in the hair, and on the furniture and one each on Dad and Mom’s heads.  The presents are gathered around, and baby is playing with a box, and for a moment, you feel a little guilty and think, “I might have gone overboard.”  Well, stop the madness before you get to that point!  Let me describe a particularly quiet Christmas moment that remains one of my favorite Christmas memories.

One year, when I was feeling particularly anti-materialistic, and wanting to restore meaning and loveliness into our family Christmas, I decided to make a special gift for each of the girls.

It was in the beginning of the scrap-booking craze, and I had invested in all of the fun papers and scissors, and borders, and acid-free everything (and maybe I just didn’t have any money left over for Christmas) . . . but I decided to make a scrapbook for each of the girls.  I went all out, and even made a quilted, fabric-covered album, with a musical device (recording their own special song) embedded in a puffy frame on the cover, and for a finishing touch, I cross-stitched their name on the cover.

Each evening, after they would finally go to bed – I mean sleep (because going to bed is not even close to going to sleep when you have young children), I would stay up half the night working on their special pages, and by the time Christmas arrived, I had put in several years-worth of pictures.

Now, don’t make the mistake of thinking that they didn’t get many presents that year.  This was still in the pre-school days when you could make a child giddy with dollar store purchases, and they had their usual piles of wrapping paper on the floor, but I had saved the best for last.  I had prepared myself for the usual, unwrap and lay aside and ask,

“What’s next?  Is that all?”,

so I was not going to be disappointed if they didn’t give the gift the proper reverence it deserved.  Imagine my surprise when after opening their albums, complete silence descended for at least half an hour, as they turned the pages in their book and reviewed with awe, their short but spectacular life history.

I’m serious.  It was completely quiet.  We’re used to the wonderful hustle, bustle and rustle of noise on Christmas morning, accompanied by the excited screams of delight.  We’re usually going for shrieks as a measure of our gift-giving success, but those quiet moments on that one Christmas morning are some of the most favorite Christmas sounds that I’ll cherish in my memory.

I’ll always know how to truly ‘make’ Christmas special.  It’s in making memories and celebrating life.

May you have a blessed Christmas, as you ‘make’ memories with your family.  Don’t be fooled by the glitter and the merchandising.  Make up your mind to make this the best Christmas ever, by making the effort to make it special with something that only you can make – a one-of-a-kind Christmas memory.

Comment with your favorite Christmas memories, and we’ll see if it’s the most expensive presents that win out!  Or tell the favorite ‘home-made’ gift you ever received.

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