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We’re on an exciting journey to explore the vineyard of marital intimacy in all the ways that encompass our lives as women: emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, relational. So glad you joined us!

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The Ways a Woman Loves to be Loved by her Husband:

How do I want you to love me, let me count the ways. . . 😀

  1. Completely
  2. Unabashedly
  3. Without reserve
  4. To the death (’til death us do part)
  5. Adoringly
  6. Exclusively
  7. Tenderly
  8. With understanding
  9. Unconditionally
  10. Respectfully
  11. No strings attached

The list could go on and on for me!

Now the bad news. On any given day, at any given moment, in any given year, in any given season of my life. . . I’m not always going to feel love in all the ways I  need it . . . all the time.

My husbands is a fallible man (and I’m a fallible woman), in fact God says we are but dust (Psalm 103:14). . . cute, sweet, adorable dustbags. 😀

So, when I need to feel perfect love, I go to the author of love, the source, the Vine, the door, the well. Then when I am filled to the brim with love, I can share it with my husband, and he can’t resist sharing it back.

Teach him how to love you by loving him. Teach him how to reach your heart by reaching out to him. Teach him how to touch your heart, by touching him.

And most important of all–find out the ways your man loves to be loved! 😀

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