Respect is like calling help to a fireman.

Respect is like calling help to a fireman.

We’re on a 30 Day journey to understanding the importance of intimacy in marriage. Grab a copy of the book that has a devotion for each day, some thoughts for reflection, some ideas of things to do to increase intimacy n your marriage, and a sample prayer for God’s help. Then come over to the facebook page for more encouragement and community, and get the tweets from @wonwithoutwords, too!

Offering respect to a man is as powerful as yelling help to a fireman. He will respond.

Respect is like:

  • a cool drink on a hot day
  • a filling nutritious dinner after a long day at work
  • a soothing medicated balm for tired and aching muscles
  • like a miracle drug. It has miraculous, superhuman power!
  • spinach to Popeye! Try it! It’s delicious!


Men love to be important to women.

Somehow knowing that a woman will be pleased motivates a man to do whatever he has to do to get the response from her.

[quote]He loves to please you, to make you smile, to be your hero.[/quote]

Conversely, when he knows that no matter what, it will never please her, he quits trying, and wants to avoid that feeling of never being able to please her.

So, just try a little test. Today, show your husband some genuine respect, complete with the appropriate facial expression, tone, and gestures.

You don’t have to fake it. Sincerely respect him, and just watch to see how his countenance or mood changes. He can’t help it. He really likes it.

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