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March 27, 2013

Day 7: Why Don’t I Feel Close To Him?

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Written by: Shari Popejoy
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Reaction causes distance, response creates intimacy. Won Without Words.

To every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. -Sir Isaac Newton

But every time I react to him, I am pushed further away from him. It’s like jumping off a rowboat–the boat doesn’t stay put. The force of my leap pushes the boat backwards, putting even more distance between me and the boat.

Perhaps the reason I don’t feel close to him is because I’ve been reacting to him, creating distance between the two of us.

Most reactions are impulses — reflexes. No one can blame us for reacting, but just consider that if I continue to react to his anger with my own hostility or resistance, or fuming silence, or even passive aggression — there will be a reaction that drives us apart.

Instead of coming together, we will be torn apart.

Reaction causes distance.

What we’d rather experience is the chemistry of response, the coming together, the attraction, the fusion of two hearts into one.

Response creates intimacy.

May we all create beautiful chemistry today as we cease reacting to him and begin responding to him in an attractive way, seducing him with unity,  joy, peace, love, and bliss!

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Shari Popejoy is the author of the book Won Without Words, and the blog Won Without Words, encouragement to wives. She writes the Livingstone Library, an adventure series for young people, and the blog Oh Joy!, (injoyinc.com/oh/) for busy moms. She is a frequent contributor to Christian print and online magazines, and writes from the quiet country of the Ozarks, where she lives with her husband, Marc, and their three children. You can find out all about her at sharipopejoy.com!


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