Music as a Metaphor for Love; 30 Days to Intimacy
Music as a Metaphor for Love; 30 Days to Intimacy

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If love-making could be described by a metaphor, how would a musician describe intimacy?

Perhaps passion is a symphony of sound pulsating with crescendo and vibrato, resulting in the climactic crashing of the symbols and the forceful rhythm of the mallets against the taut timpani. Well then, you’re the conductor; raise the baton!

[pullquote_left]A Sculptor might say:  The clay takes shape under sensitive and responsive fingers, molding the supple mound with eyes that see the potential and hidden beauty within the unfinished lump of clay.[/pullquote_left]

Maybe your private time together is like a hushed studio filled with precious crystal and delicate glassware, exquisite designs of a master glassblower, who carefully judges the right time to apply more heat when handling the molten glass. A breath blown at the appropriate time onto the sensitive soul of a lover becomes a delicate work like fine crystal.

Making a work of art requires nuance and essence, finesse and patience — and brilliance–and splashes of color, and crescendo and sforzando!

How would you describe intimacy? What metaphor could you use to create fun love with your husband? Would it involve hunting, dancing, cooking, contact sports?

Create a few fun phrases using that metaphor.

  • Cook up some tasty temptations with the seasonings of love.
  • Track down love and hunt your heart’s desire, bringing home the trophy prize.
  • Waltz into his arms and set his feet to dancing!
  • Tackle him and stop the clock.
  • Make it fun. Use some code words in front of the children, that make the two of you giggle and laugh.
  • Role play. Dress up and use some props!

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