Fruit of the Spirit in marriage and intimacy; sex is like a bowl of fruit

Fruit of the Spirit in marriage and intimacy; sex is like a bowl of fruit

Hello Dear Friends!

You might wonder where I’ve been lately. I’ve had a wonderful week that included a refreshing conference where I met some terrific women who write online encouragement, and I learned some pretty nifty stuff about the blog world, too!

Since flying to this conference required a major airport, and there just happens to be one close to my hometown, I got to go home and spend a few days.

And for me, home means:

  • lots of little nephews (and one big one)
  • lots of “Aunt Shari’s“, including one little boy saying he was determined to break a habit. . . and the pride in his voice saying it had been three whole days since. . .
  • brothers and backrubs, and him carrying my suitcase to the curb, and helping the other him with some computer stuff
  • a hyacinth garden my sweet niece planted last fall, and the beauty of stopping to smell the flowers
  • walking with my mom in the early morning rain
  • sleeping in the same room where I slept as a girl
  • the blessing of having a place to come home to. . . and people who embody the term home

So, thanks for your patience, and now it’s back to 30 Days to. . . 🙂

[quote]The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Galatians 5:22-23a[/quote]

Today, consider whether that sweet fruit is growing in your marriage, and more specifically assess whether you are seeing fruit in these same qualities in the area of marital intimacy. The fruit of the Spirit can be in evidence in many ways — and maybe Sex is Like a Bowl of Fruit! Orange you a bit curious to read this article I wrote for my marriage column over at HEDUA?

Get a little fruity today!

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