How to be more attracted to him in 30 days to intimacy.

How to be more attracted to him in 30 days to intimacy.

I watched him jump from one chair to another. He glanced up after each jump to see if I was watching.

“Wow, that was awesome,” I said, giving him the affirmation he craved.

I hope I never forget the pride in his voice as he stopped and said, [quote]”Thanks Mom. I’ve always wanted to be awesome to someone.”[/quote]

If I’d realized my admiration was so important to my son, I would have said it sooner.

And yet, how often do I let that bigger man in my life go too long without my praise and admiration?

In the course of living life together day after day, it’s so easy to let the disapproval and disappointment or even occasional downright disgust show through to my husband –even if it’s left unspoken.

I don’t want my husband to feel any negative feelings from the woman who promised to love and honor him ’til death parts us.

Here are 30 Ways I Want to Make My Husband Feel:

  1. strong
  2. smart
  3. funny
  4. brave
  5. noble
  6. kind
  7. loving
  8. awesome
  9. confident
  10. right
  11. like he’s making the right decisions
  12. good at his work
  13. great father
  14. comfortable
  15. anxious to get home to me
  16. a good lover
  17. sexy
  18. manly
  19. good
  20. loved
  21. special
  22. needed
  23. like he’s a fun guy (my son says that’s important)
  24. good at solving problems
  25. happy
  26. content
  27. excited about living life with me
  28. valued
  29. appreciated
  30. like he made the right decision when he chose me

I’m thinking that as long as I feel these ways about my husband, he’ll feel me feeling it, and he’ll end up feeling all these ways and more! And since they’re all true, I might as well think them (Philippians 4:8) 😀 It’s really not that complicated!

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