You don’t have to have stretch marks to be a good mother.

Women have an innate ability to mother, and to birth things of beauty.

The world needs mothering, and there is a great need for loving women to hug away the hurts of this world.

Soothe a Soul

Have you ever held a baby and comforted her, or soothed her in that special tone of voice? Well, every day you have an opportunity to soothe a hungry, tired, or scared soul–no matter how old it is. Wrap her in your arms and speak comfortingly to her.

Distract a Dilemma

Have you ever consoled a crying child who fell, or was scared, or mad? You distract them, or pick them up and say, “It’s going to be okay–hey, let’s have some ice cream!” Today, let someone know that it’s going to be okay. Distract them from the fears of the day. Pick them up. Dust them off. Treat them to ice cream!

Give a Hug

When my children were little, a hug could fix everything. It still can. Hug someone today. Give a metaphorical hug as you come alongside them and offer acceptance, joy, friendship.

Some of the best mothers I know have never had stretch marks, but they birth beauty every day!

Happy Mother Day!

shari popejoy;