encouraging words for wives; blogwonwithoutwords.com


encouraging words for wives; blogwonwithoutwords.com

My husband is a a bigamist!


Riddle: How can a man who has been married only once be a bigamist?

Because he never knows what wife he’s coming home to each day!


My husband knows this too well.

He might be coming home to a cute and clever woman.

He might encounter a weepy and wounded wife.

He might find a frustrated and frazzled female.

He might try to avoid an angry and annoyed aggressor.

Truth is, in the thirty years we’ve kept ourselves only unto each other, we’ve been married to lots of different personalities! You can read an article here about how our opposites attract.

G.K. Chesterton sums it up in his witty way: my husband will never get bored with his wife, because he never knows who he is coming home to! Odds are that he’ll be pleasantly surprised at least occasionally!

[box_dark]The beauty and intricate nature of a woman allows her personality to shine through in multi-facets, like a brilliant diamond. Husband beware the angle you approach her from in order to admire her splendor! -Shari Popejoy[/box_dark]