blog.wonwithoutwords; encouragement for wives

blog.wonwithoutwords; encouragement for wives

[quote]Who is my neighbor?[/quote]

Do you remember the lawyer who asked Jesus this evasive question in Luke 10?

The lawyer asked, not because he was eager to rush out and begin practicing The Golden Rule, but because he wanted to know the very least that would be required of him. He answered his own question:

[quote]Love your neighbor as yourself. Luke 10:27[/quote]

Some husbands want to get by with just keeping their vows and putting up with that woman, at the very least– maybe loving his wife as he loves himself, —you know–at least keeping The Golden Rule in marriage.

But a man should occasionally ask himself:

[quote]Who is my wife? [/quote]

  • She is the one who cries silently into her pillow when you have been harsh.
  • She is the one who waits alone and lonely while you pursue your own goals.
  • She is the one who pours her self into the children so you have someone to take care of you in your feeble years.
  • She is the one who gives her best years, until the flower has faded, hoping that you will love her like you promised her you would.
  • She is the one who needs your love, who longs for your tender caress, who waits to blossom even in the cold winter months of your lonely abandonment.

Don’t just love her as you love yourself, because you are a tough, manly man–like a cactus in the desert.

She is tender and beautiful–her love as fragile as the bloom of a flower, and yet as deep as the bulb that renews in the cold ground of winter.

Love her as Christ loved the church, and enjoy life with the wife of your youth.

How did Christ love the church? He saw us in our unworthiness, and through the self-sacrificing act of laying down his life, has redeemed us and made us holy, beautiful, without spot or wrinkle.

You, Dear Husband, have great power to do that for your wife through the gift of your love. Your love toward her is as powerful as the summer sun. Your adoration is as refreshing as the spring rains.

Rain on her. Shine upon her. And you will be amazed at what blooms in her heart. There are lilies waiting to bloom that Solomon in all his glory has never imagined! Husbands, ask yourself:

Who is my wife?

You might find these answers:

  • She’s the one who loves me. . . even though.
  • She’s the one waits for my step–and hopes it brings a hug.
  • She’s the one who smiles when I tell her she is pretty.
  • She’s the keeper of all my secrets.
  • She’s the one who thrives with my love and my devotion.
  • She’s the one who satisfies me.
  • She’s the one who has the secret to every mystery I have ever experienced.
  • She is the soft place where I always fall.
  • She’s the one who has always been there to come home to. She is home. She is contentment. She is pleasure. She is my wife.