I like to be comfortable! I have my favorite go-to places that give me ultimate comfort! Sometimes it’s my back deck, with a mug of steaming tea, my journal and Bible spread out before me. Sometimes I’m snuggled in a wingback chair with a soft throw blanket tucked around me, reaching for a warm mug, or a favorite book. I really love to snuggle on the loveseat, squished between my daughters as we watch a Jane Austen movie for the umpteenth time.

To help me in my quest for cozy, we keep our thermostat within just a few degrees of comfortable. My mug of morning warmth is only the perfect temperature for a few minutes before I need to warm it up again.

We humans seek stasis, sameness, and the boring dullness of predictable comfort, and yet it is the discomfort of unexpected challenges of life that causes our growth, and continues to make us alive.

6 Times When We Should Patiently Endure Discomfort

For encouragement for those times when life gets uncomfortable, I hope you head over  here to read my article.

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