I have a lot to say.

My brain is constantly thinking, considering, wondering, and planning, and more likely than not, a good chunk of those thoughts will turn into words.

My husband is my sounding board. We chat on the phone during the day, and talk with each other when we’re home together in the evening. And let’s not forget about the hours available for conversation during the days off that he has each week. Oh, and if it’s not a convenient time to talk, but I’ve something to say, there’s always texting!

It’s safe to say that there is no shortage of words coming out of my mouth and going into his ears.

He listens to my thoughts and concerns, ideas and funny stories, and even pointless ramblings. He is a patient hearer as I verbally process the musings of my mind, and I am thankful for it.

Today, I want to make sure that I speak words to him that express that thankfulness.

I want to spend some of the many words I will utter today letting him know that I love him and appreciate him.

I want him to hear that I am happy to be his wife.

I’ll start with these four words:

I love you, Robby.

– Denise

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