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December 13, 2014

Weekly Lovelies with Laurel vol. 2

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Written by: Laurel (Popejoy) Leurquin
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Hello Lovely Ladies! I hope you have had a wonderful, lovely week since we last gathered together! Personally, mine was filled with strange dreams about cats, making hundreds of lovely wedding favors, and maybe drinking too much lovely coffee, if that is possible ;).

I hope you enjoy this week’s lovelies, and I look forward to chilling with you next week!

A Lovely DIY:
Are you hosting any lovely Christmas parties this month? Check out this adorable napkin folding tutorial from Handimania for your table setting!
(Click the image for directions)

A Lovely Laugh:
Someone decided it would be a hoot to watch British people try to label our states!
If you live in Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, or Louisana…you live in US wastelands ;).
(click on the image for the rest of the “fill in the blank” results!)


A Lovely Life:
Okay, let’s be honest…This really belongs under a Lovely Laugh, because we all know this is hillarious…yet true. Buuuut…it’s also part of life too, so I’m cheating a bit ;). Enjoy dear mothers, and remember, Co-sleeping is No-sleeping.

A Lovely Food:
Salted Toffe Oyster Crackers!
I find it extremely difficult to not share only sweet things with you. So here is my best effort at providing you a recipe for something salty for your company Christmas party! (True, it does say toffee, but it clearly says “salted”, so we’re good ;) )
This recipe is brought to you by Simply Sated.
(click on the image for the recipe!)


A Lovely Faith:
This video isn’t really new, trending, or maybe even Christ related, but it was so touching to me to see these young people sharing the hurtful things they have been labeled with, and at the end rise above it and proclaim and speak the TRUTH over their lives.

May you rise above your fears, stresses and worries this week – and speak the truth of your situation into your life (even if you must speak the truth in faith, believing victory is coming!), and just “shake it off” :).

Until next week, Lovely Ladies!


About the Author

Laurel (Popejoy) Leurquin
I am new to this life of marriage (as of January 10, 2015!), and now hold the title of "Only Laurel Leurquin!" I live life with my sweet husband on a lake in the Ozarks, learning, loving, living, and playing housewife :D. My lovely life is full of cooking, sewing, coffee, dancing, neckties, family, friends, pretending to be musical, outdoors, indoors, hiking, biking, loving, living. #lovelylifeoflaurel


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