Daffodils in the Forest by Shari Popejoy

Daffodils in the Forest by Shari Popejoy

Ever consider daffodils in the forest?

Who planted them?

Where did they come from?

They stand as a testimony that someone, now long gone, loved the land enough to plant a dry, dead-looking bulb, that would lie in the cold ground for a long time before blessing with its beauty.

When we are long gone, may our daffodils still prosper, first bursts of spring to proclaim that we once loved and lived and flourished in this forest.

Don’t despair when the winter’s woes come with frigid fierceness.  On some sweet sunny day, with birds’ orchestral accompaniment, joy comes in the morning, as the golden flag unfurls a sign of victory over the death of winter.

There is hope.  There is beauty.  Consider the daffodils in the forest.  You are of much more worth than they.  Your Heavenly Father clothes them — and provides for you a robe of righteousness, a garment of praise, a garland instead of ashes, a mantle of zeal, a crown of life. (Matthew 6:25-34, Isaiah 61:3, 59:17, 10, Job 29:1, James 1:12).  Oh, beautiful you!

Tip #36  Do not lose heart or despair over the drudgery of today.  There is hope and a future.  Consider the daffodils.

Oh gold gleamed live jewel spring from cask of dust,

To furl a cry of hope from deep abyss,

That in the lonesome deep of forest gloom,

Where lately none has trod, no fragrance bloom,

Your petaled banner trumps a blast — we must,

Oh, consider the lilies’ forest plume,

No wisdom, dust-designed ere glowed as this. (by Shari Popejoy)


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