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Ryan Frederick suggests you take a 15 Second Kiss Experiment, and shares 5 things  in this article that he and his wife discovered.

Let’s take kissing to the next level and see if we can discover a secret to staying happily married!

[quote]The secret to staying happily married is to kiss for at least thirty uninterrupted seconds every day.[/quote]

It may or may not be based on scientific research–but it certainly appears to be sound advice. 🙂 At the very least–it couldn’t hurt! So, let’s try it out and see what happens!

[box_light]If you began and ended every argument with a thirty-second lip lock–you might forget why you were arguing in the first place![/box_light]

Kissing takes communication to a whole new level of emotions and feelings, while removing the tone of voice, innuendo, and sarcasm.

Tell him how you feel with a kiss–and then see what he has to say!

Dear Husband, ready or not! I’m going to kiss you!