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April 13, 2015

My Mr. Mom

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Written by: Cheryl Oberdieck
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“Five Kids, Two Dogs, and a Man of the Cloth,” by Cheryl Oberdieck


or the past month I have been doted on by “Mr. Mom.” I must say that even when I am not under the influence of mind-altering pharmaceuticals, I am still very impressed by my husband’s ability to fill multiple roles.

My guy has gone with me to doctor’s appointments and deciphered lingo that is neither comfortable nor in his native tongue. He has been supportive about my decisions, even when it turns out his instincts were better.

He encourages and assists the kids in keeping the house running smoothly. Well, depending on what day you stop by, this fluctuates a little …. okay, a lot.

He props and fluffs my pillows and scratches my back before it itches.

He brings me tea with honey and makes me drink plenty of fluids. He bought a new tray to serve my meals when I couldn’t make it to the table.

davd 3 kids editHe helped me up and down when I needed it, didn’t walk too fast with me, and most of the time didn’t trip me with his size 14 shoes.

He reminds me of my restrictions when I am tempted to over-do. He instructs my friends to make me be good in his absence. (I have a whole lot more to say about my awesome friends and family, but that is for another post.)

He bought me an indoor hydroponics garden for my birthday to keep me from being tempted to dig in my garden before I should.

He suffers short term memory loss with me. (That part was not good when he was also the medicine dispenser. Now we have charts.)

When I was running a fever and our old thermometers showed conflicting temperatures, he went out and bought two more thermometers just to be accurate! (Then we ended up with 3 different readings.)

He chauffered the kids to work and sports and drama and music lessons even while keeping up with shut-in calls and hospital visits  — this all during the extremely busy Holy Week.

Oh, and he is ready to entertain me with youtube videos about guns and revolvers when I forget to pretend I’m asleep.

This man is not quite the one I started out with. He has been perfecting his Mr. Mom skills over a long period of time. Flashback 18 years when the kids were little and I was down with a case of the flu. Things were a bit more challenging with youngin’s to care for too!


Very first attempt at playing Mr. Mom. Cold cloth in the left hand, remote in the right.

Dave decided that today would be a “sick” day for him rather than trying to work from home. He can take sick days for family illness if needed.

He had discovered after a few hours that it was unrealistic for him to accomplish both his church work and taking care of the kids, me and the house at the same time.

All day long I have heard such declarations as:

“Each child is allowed to use only one cup during the day.”

“Children must eat outside on the deck whenever it is nice enough, because they make too much of a mess at the table.”

“No one better bring dirt on my clean kitchen floor.”

By late afternoon I was beginning to hear him lose his cool with the children who were not cleaning up their toys after themselves. So I just mostly lie on the couch and think “what an educational experience this is for him.”

After two nights of cooking he declared that he would not mess his clean kitchen up again tonight and we would have to order out. And no one will use the glass dishes, only paper plates.

That Mr. Mom stint was only for two days back then, but here we are now in week four with only the tiniest of flare ups. (We are using paper plates again, but only because my mother brought them to make life easier!)

My Mr. Mom was a diamond in the rough back then, but now my guy really shines.

I am blessed.

About the Author

Cheryl Oberdieck
Lutheran pastor's wife and Army chaplain's wife (same man!) Homeschooling mom of three and occasional young adult consultant for two more. Homeschool group drama department interim co-chair, (cause “president” sounds too scary). Youth group leader, computer IT guy, church historian and honorary trustee. Wannabe gardener. Most importantly, a redeemed by the blood of Jesus, daughter of the King who spends an inordinate amount of time learning, and re-learning what it means to walk in God's grace!


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