Marc and Shari, 30 years and counting!


Chocolate mint.

Caramel with Chai icing.

Coffee flavored with some kind of original icing–hazelnut–mocha–something delish.


I had a slice of each.

Except carrot cake with orange frosting. That was the top layer that the bride and groom are saving for a special occasion.

I was determined to enjoy the cake at my daughter’s wedding, because I had missed out on some wedding cake once.

Except for the tiny morsel we shared for the photo op, I didn’t get to enjoy my beautiful wedding cake–because I was too intent on keeping to the schedule of the photographer.

But that was thirty years ago.

I’ve learned a few things since then.

[box_light]Moments cannot be saved, so they must be savored.[/box_light]

You cannot relive memories. You cannot save them up for the future. They must be gloriously tasted now–in the moment.

[box_light]Photos have no flavor.[/box_light]

Photographs are two dimensional, and never replicate the intense pleasure of the moment. My photo of my wedding cake cannot be tasted. Picture the feelings of the moment in real life, and don’t worry about capturing it to enjoy later. You can’t!

[box_light]Joy and pain are unique flavors that when combined produce a blend of life that cannot be duplicated.[/box_light]

I plan to taste my way through life carefully. I am learning to respect the flavors. Taken together joy and pain represent life.

I have missed out on too much cake in my life, and I am determined to never let a slice of life pass me by if I can help it!

I am alive. I can taste.

[box_light]I like cake. [/box_light]

I am going to have my cake, and eat it, too!