30 Days to Lay Aside Weight; blog.wonwithoutwords.com

30 Days to Lay Aside Weight; blog.wonwithoutwords.com

I’m tired of all the extra weight I’ve been carrying lately.

It is dragging me down.

It is slowing me up.

It is stealing my joy.

It is suffocating me.

It is slowly encasing me in a prison of my own making.

The burden is weigh too much to carry any longer!

And I can’t weight to lay it aside.

(And I’m not talking about just pounds.)

Want to join me?

30 Days to Lay Aside Weight; blog.wonwithoutwords.com

30 Days to Lay Aside Weight is a whole body approach to fitness.

It’s not about counting calories, or stepping on a scale, because it’s not really about pounds at all!

It’s about all the weight we carry in the form of burdens of loss and rejection, shame and guilt, depression and bitterness. . . and weigh more!

[box_light]. . . let us lay aside every weight . . .which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race set before us. . . Hebrews 12:1[/box_light]

We’ll use the devotional 30 Days to Lay Aside Weight: A Faith Based Approach to Whole Body Fitness in Mind, Body and Soul

Each daily devotion contains an encouraging devotion, along with simple and easy tips that every busy woman can do.

[quote]It’s not about exercise, but about exercising our self-will. [/quote]

It’s not about losing pounds, but about laying aside burdens.

Come join a community of women as we lay aside some things.  Whether it’s just thirty days of renewal, or forty days of Lent and preparation for the celebration of resurrection, join with some sisters who will run the race with you!

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