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30 Days to Lay Aside Weight

February 23, 2015

Day 1 Laying it Aside, Starting Now!

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Written by: Laurel (Popejoy) Leurquin
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Goodmorning Ladies!

Today is a beautiful start to a wonderful journey as we work together on laying aside every weight that holds us down.

As we start this journey, here is a index sized printable to encourage you! Print this off, fill it out, and put it in a place that will remind you daily (ex: your bathroom mirror, your car dash, over the kitchen sink, your computer monitor…etc.) of what you’re laying aside and why.

30 Days to Lay Aside Weight Food for Thought 1(Click the image to print)

If you are new to our journey, please join in! We are all going at different paces, and it isn’t too late to start laying it aside!
You can also purchase the e-book 30 Days to Lay Aside Weight: A Faith Based Approach to Whole Body Fitness in Mind, Body and Soul
by Shari Popejoy on Amazon!

I hope you join in, and keep us updated on your journey via Facebook! I’m aiming to lose this newlywed weight, what are you trying to lose? We would love to hear your stories!

About the Author

Laurel (Popejoy) Leurquin
I am new to this life of marriage (as of January 10, 2015!), and now hold the title of "Only Laurel Leurquin!" I live life with my sweet husband on a lake in the Ozarks, learning, loving, living, and playing housewife :D. My lovely life is full of cooking, sewing, coffee, dancing, neckties, family, friends, pretending to be musical, outdoors, indoors, hiking, biking, loving, living. #lovelylifeoflaurel


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