Dear Husband series;


For almost all of his life, Robert has endeavored to stay physically fit.  He took martial arts as a kid, and he has spent time as an adult learning other defense styles and techniques.  Weightlifting has been a hobby of his for as long as I’ve known him.

He watches what he eats.  And, being a Letter Carrier, he gets lots of on the job exercise.

I really feel like I get to reap the benefits of his healthy pursuits.  For one thing, I think all those muscles he’s developed look awfully good on him 🙂 .

And those muscle-y arms make for great hugs.

Not to mention, if there is ever heavy lifting that needs done, I have confidence that Robert will be able to manage.

In addition, when he is with me, I don’t worry about my safety, because I know that he is an able protector.

He makes me feel safe in other ways, too.

He keeps my best interests in mind.  Maybe we don’t always agree on course of action, but I never have cause to doubt his intentions.

I can be my absolute, totally goofy self with him, without judgement.

When I mess up, he is gentle with me, because he knows I will be hard enough on myself.

I know that with Robert, my heart is safe.

And his heart is safe with me.  After all, I love his muscles…especially that one <3