You’ve probably never given this woman a card on Mother’s Day.

You might not even see her on Mother’s Day.

She might be grieving in secret silence, but you should remember her anyway.

  1. She weeps inside because of infertility.
  2. She has miscarried the hope of a baby before she even told anyone, and now she’s the only one who loves that baby.
  3. She’s a single woman wishing she had the love of a husband and child.
  4. She denies herself the joy of motherhood because of fears, a difficult marriage, or a health challenge.
  5. She is in an unplanned pregnancy contemplating fearful choices for the future.
  6. She feels like a failure because her child won’t even call her on Mother’s Day.
  7. She doesn’t feel like she deserves to be a mother because of the one she denied life to.
  8. She cries herself to sleep at night because her children are far away from her heart, arms, or home.
  9. She buried her heart in the cemetery with the child who went ahead.
  10. She’s the woman who adopted loneliness when she gave her child to another mother to raise.
  11. She’s the mother who made bad choices, and regrets the moments that never come again.
  12. She pretends to celebrate her grown children even as she cries inside because she misses those precious years.

Do you know this woman? Be sure to remember her this year on Mother’s Day.