Robert’s job is primarily an outdoor one.

In the winter, he deals with cold and snow and wind.  He goes off to work with a hat and gloves and sometimes a thermos of soup.

In the summer he contends with the sun and heat and humidity.  Sunscreen and plenty of water are needed every day.  Occasionally, if I’m in town at the right time, I’ll take an icy slush to him for an extra cold, cool-down treat.

Of course, his work doesn’t end when he comes home, because there are things for him to do here, too.  I take on what tasks I can myself and assist him on some jobs, but there are certain projects that are squarely in his domain – like anything involving the chainsaw, the weed eater, plumbing, or snakes.

Whether on the job or in the home, my dear husband works hard to take care of his family, and I am so appreciative of that!

Thank you, Robert, for ALL you do!!

<3 Denise

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