Sisters, count it all joy when you clean up various messes…

This loose take on James 1:2 popped into my brain recently as I was wiping up the greasy remnants of my husband’s French fry-ing adventure from the night before.  The thought came to me right after this one:  Why am I cleaning up a mess that I didn’t even make!?

That second, less crabby, notion reminded me of something that I really need to remember.  Piles of clutter and areas of untidiness sometimes look to me like thoughtlessness, inconsideration, and drudgery.  I think that what I should choose to see instead is that those messes requiring my attention are simply the evidence of the family God has given me.  And if I look at it that way, it can change my whole mindset.

Dirty work clothes on the floor = a hardworking man and a job that supplies our needs.

A sink full of dirty dishes = a husband & children who cook for themselves (and me! because you and I both know I ate those French fries Robert made)

Craft clutter on multiple surfaces = creativity and skill-honing in progress

Books, books, and more books = kids who are reading and learning

All. Those. Shoes. = We work, we play, we exercise, we feed the chickens, walk in the woods, and go to town.  In other words, we live.

Really, it is a truth that the mess in my house exists because I have people I dearly love who live here with me. And I want to not just be thankful for that in my heart and head, but to express that in word, and deed, and attitude.

Clean it all with joy! 🙂