Jen McDonald You Are Not Alone

I grew up in a large family with a large extended family, and then I had my own family. And then they all grew up or away, and so did I–until I found myself in another state–literally. And one day for the first time in my life, I felt alone.

It was a strange and uncomfortable feeling–until I realized that I can never ever truly be alone because I am with myself–me, myself, and I–and all those voices in my head! But the awesome thing is the realization that God will never leave me. Ever. I am not alone. I Am Not Alone (Live)

If you happen to find yourself alone or lonely, begin to contemplate the greatness of a God who is ever present, and the same Spirit that quickened Christ to life will begin to grow within you a sense of fullness. Of enough. Of a perfect presence of being always present. In the moment. You are not alone!

And if you have experienced military moves or transitions or deployments–then you have a different level of experiencing this journey. I recommend this book by my friend, Jen McDonald–who knows a thing or two or two hundred about military life and military spouses. You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for the Heart of a Military Spouse