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Well, it’s official.  I am now the older woman of Titus 2:4 — at least older than some (okay — many) of you!  That means that I get to help you love your husband and children!

If you’ve ever wondered if there was just someone who could encourage you in this difficult and wonderful job of being wife and mother, or if you’ve ever wondered where have all the older women gone–well, you found one!

I’d love to share a cup of tea with you, and encourage you, tell you that you are a great mom, and a loving wife, and a terrific daughter, and that I’m so impressed with you, and that you are awesome!

And I would remind you that if loving your husband for life came naturally, then it wouldn’t be hard! If you ever hit a day when it’s harder instead of easier, remember that I’m here. I’d love to encourage you to keep going!

Above all, I’ll direct you to the One who does have specific answers for your marriage, because not only did He create you and your husband, but he gave marriage as His first gift to mankind, and said, “It is very good.” And when I was searching for answers in some difficult years–He gave me very specific wisdom for learning to love my husband–and I know He’ll do the same for you! You can read about some of those lessons in Won Without Words and my 30 Days to. . . series. And here are some free resources where we can get acquainted, too. One of the best ways to stay connected is through the free Words For Wives newsletter that I send out every few weeks or facebook.

Hope to hear from you!


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