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gift ideas for husband; blog.wonwithoutwords.com Husband

Gift Ideas For the Hard to Buy For Husband

Need some great gift ideas for your hard-to-buy-for husband?

Christmas Presence; blog.wonwithoutwords.com Holidays

Making CHRISTmas Meaningful

Some of my favorite CHRISTmas posts!

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Free Christmas Download from The Livingstone Library

Join the Livingstones for a CHRISTmas mystery that involves ancient scrolls, prophecies, and echoing whispers in the old abbey.

music score s 50 Days of Encouragement

How To Orchestrate CHRISTmas

Wave your baton and weave a tapestry of warmth and welcome in your home. Create soothing sounds of a symphony of celebration. Wrap your world in harmonious tones of a happy home. Forget the clamor, discord and dissonant sounds that compete for your attention, and choose a song that lifts you all from the humdrum and inharmonious.

Last of the Snow 50 Days of Encouragement

Simplifying CHRISTmas

It’s a wonderful life — and it’s your life. Write down a perfect Christmas season of celebration, and then make it come to pass. No one is holding you hostage! Do only what will bring you, or others, joy this Christmas. I give you permission. Try it this year.


Proverbs 31 for the Average Woman

P31 Post 29: The Taste Of Profit — It Is Good!

Posted  August 2, 2011  by  Shari Popejoy

There is nothing wrong with expecting (and enjoying) a profit. A laborer would be foolish to work just to get by. The laborer is worthy of his hire, and the Proverbs 31 Woman not only makes a profit, but enjoys the taste of her profit!

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100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

Love The Completion Of The Work In Progress

Posted  May 14, 2012  by  Shari Popejoy

Do not allow your efforts to become futile by being distracted by the truth of today. See things through faith as they will become, and love in advance the completion and not the work in progress.

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100 Days to My Anniversary

Bonus Tip for day #86!

Posted  May 18, 2011  by  Shari Popejoy

I am so glad that you are joining us on this 100 day journey to my anniversary! Love is the gift that you can’t give away without receiving something in return, so I hope that you are enjoying the benefits of implementing some of these tips! I know that some of the tips I’ve been […]

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Enjoy the view from the top!
100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

Bring On The Mountain

Posted  May 17, 2012  by  Shari Popejoy

Experience, for the wise, brings good fruit. . . wisdom. For the foolish, experience just brings — results. . . consequences.

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Proverbs 31 for the Average Woman

Post 2: The Proverbs 31 Woman Is . . . Not

Posted  June 16, 2011  by  Shari Popejoy

No eye has seen, no ear has heard what kind of remarkable woman you really are. There is an incorruptible seed planted deep within your heart that will grow the most rare and exquisite flower that the world has NEVER seen before. And only you can grow it, my dear friend.

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I’ve Always Wanted To Be Awesome

Posted  September 23, 2012  by  Shari Popejoy

A woman of noble character, who can find? She is married to a potentially great man. Maybe not yesterday or today. . . but tomorrow he will be awesome with your love and respect to lift him up!

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100 Days to My Anniversary

Can You Beat A Roadrunner?

Posted  June 9, 2011  by  Shari Popejoy

So what did you do on your last anniversary? At the very least, you should go out to dinner, go dancing, exchange gifts, and then steam up the windows on the way home! If not, you’re no better than a roadrunner either!

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FREE download Beauty of a Gentle and Quiet Spirit; blog.wonwithoutwords.com
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The Beauty of a Gentle and Quiet Spirit for Type A’s; Free Download

Posted  May 12, 2013  by  Shari Popejoy

A 5-step plan to find the Beauty of a Gentle and Quiet Spirit–especially for Type A Personalities.

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100 Days to My Anniversary

The Personality Of The Vessel

Posted  January 26, 2012  by  Shari Popejoy

Whatever shape you find yourself today, there is a Master who wants to fill you up with all good things to refresh and satisfy, and so that you can pour out into others with whatever He fills you with!

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100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

Saturday Grapevine; So. . . What Does A Man REALLY Want?

Posted  April 15, 2012  by  Shari Popejoy

I hope that you find new ways to express your love to him — that aren’t predictable or rehearsed or calculated. Take a moment, and begin to tell him in many different ways how much you love him . . .

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