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Celebrate The Moments of CHRISTmas

Whatever your simply sensational moments may be, I hope you find time for it today! It’s really important to do that — even if you have to leave some other monstrously and seemingly important thing undone. It might be time to prioritize, and special moments should never be crossed off the list!

certificate4 50 Days of Encouragement

Christmas Gift Certificates for Your Husband

Why don’t you give him something that is incredibly valuable and rare? Give him a gift that includes BOTH treasures: the things he never asks for but always wants, and the things he always asks for and never gets enough!

Christmas Presence; blog.wonwithoutwords.com 50 Days of Encouragement

Immanuel, A Christmas Presence

Have you ever experienced Immanuel? Here’s how. Close your eyes . Take a deep breath. Let it out, and with the emptying of that breath, empty yourself of self — thoughts of self, of the present, of now. And then — instead of being in the present — be in the PRESENCE.

Mary Had a Little Lamb; blog.wonwithoutwords.com Holidays

Mary Had a Little Lamb

While her baby was safe in her arms, she heard in her heart the cries of Rachael, weeping for her sons, but refusing to be comforted.

SONY DSC Children

Shepherd Boy

How a broken nativity figurine helped me teach my son the difference between like and love, and helped me to distinguish the ‘one thing needful’


Lovely Life of Laurel

Weekly Lovelies with Laurel vol. 3

Posted  December 19, 2014  by  Laurel (Popejoy) Leurquin

Why you shouldn’t send a man to the grocery store for one item, and it’s okay to wrap a gift in a reversed chip bag, and more in this week’s edition of Lovelies with Laurel.

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Lovely Life of Laurel

Weekly Lovelies with Laurel vol. 2

Posted  December 13, 2014  by  Laurel (Popejoy) Leurquin

May you rise above your fears, stresses, and worries this week -and speak truth to the situations in your life.

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Secrets of a Great Marriage

Posted  December 11, 2014  by  Shari Popejoy

Get these secrets to a happy marriage today only for 99 cents.

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Do Not Disturb

Posted  December 9, 2014  by  Denise Barkdoll

When you are a parent, and a spouse, and a friend – it’s hard to not always be on call. Sometimes, though, you just need some off duty, down time.

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Peppermint Cheesecake Dip
Lovely Life of Laurel

Weekly Lovelies with Laurel vol. 1

Posted  December 5, 2014  by  Laurel (Popejoy) Leurquin

I’ve been invited to introduce you to the things I feel are trending on the web! Enjoy this week’s segment of our trendy show, and join us next week for something else just as lovely!

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How Polite Should I Be to My Husband?

Posted  December 3, 2014  by  Denise Barkdoll

When it comes to certain acts of politeness – deference, willingness to yield, putting forth my best side, choosing my words thoughtfully – am I more careful with others than I am with the one whom my soul loves?

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Cheryl writes at blog.wonwithoutwords.com

She’s Not Your Typical Pastor’s Wife

Posted  December 2, 2014  by  Shari Popejoy

Cheryl is one of the most beautiful women I know, and the longer I know her, the more her beauty escapes her heart and shines on her face and her personality.

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Dear Husband

My First Four Words of 20,000 Words I’ll Speak Today

Posted  December 1, 2014  by  Denise Barkdoll

Today, I want to spend some of my words letting my husband know that I love him and appreciate him.

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katy winnie the pooh
Throwback Thursdays

Turning 30, My First Mid-Life Crisis (part 1)

Posted  November 30, 2014  by  Cheryl Oberdieck

Having a crisis when you are approaching a certain age – especially one with a zero at the end, can trigger all kinds of emotions. Approaching the age of 50 is really not that different from approaching 30.

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Throwback Thursdays

Turning 30, My First Mid-Life Crisis (part 2)

Posted  November 30, 2014  by  Cheryl Oberdieck

It is often in crisis when we are most keenly aware of God’s great provisions.

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