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30 Days to Stop Fighting; blog.wonwithoutwords.com Conflict in Marriage

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For a limited time, get a discounted copy of the ebook ’30 Days to Stop Fighting, Strategies to Eliminate Conflict in Your Marriage’

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30 Days to My Anniversary

An interactive anniversary card for that guy who has everything!

gift ideas for husband; blog.wonwithoutwords.com Husband

Gift Ideas For the Hard to Buy For Husband

Need some great gift ideas for your hard-to-buy-for husband?

30 Days to Intimacy; sharipopejoy.com Intimacy

What Your Hubby Really Wanted for Father’s Day

No matter how many ties and shirts and tools he’s received as gifts, his favorite gift is still you!

blog.wonwithoutwords.com 100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

What Does A Man Really Want?

Your man wants (and needs) your unfailing love. It’s the least (and the most) you can do for him today.



The WORK of Marriage — Stretching Out (b)

Posted  January 27, 2011  by  Shari Popejoy

When God said that the woman would experience ‘stretching out’, it was not only metaphorical, as in the stretching of our limits, and the need to reach out, grasp and hold onto our husband, but a literal and painful physical stretching out.

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50 Days of Encouragement

Countdown #43 & Saturday Grapevine; Fishing In Deep Waters

Posted  November 19, 2011  by  Shari Popejoy

Maybe that’s why men like to fish so much. It is a metaphor for their heart. Patience, perseverance, and skill will bring up a great catch, as you go fishing and try to find the deep and secret and hidden places of his heart.

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prison s
Conflict in Marriage

What If I Can’t Forgive My Husband?

Posted  August 16, 2012  by  Shari Popejoy

Extending forgiveness is granting a pardon to our own soul.

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The purposes of a man's heart are like deep waters; go fishing! 30 Days to Intimacy

Day 14: Gone Fishing

Posted  April 6, 2013  by  Shari Popejoy

If you want to find the way to a man’s heart, patience, perseverance, and skill will bring up a great catch, as you go fishing and try to find the deep and secret and hidden places of his heart.

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100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

Love Is Not Doing

Posted  March 3, 2012  by  Shari Popejoy

You could make a list of all the things you do for him, and it’s not going to make him gaze tenderly into your eyes and whisper sweet adorable things to you. That’s not the reason he fell in love with you. . . if that were the case. . . he would be in love with his mother.

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What If My Husband Ignores Me?

Posted  June 21, 2012  by  Shari Popejoy

The worst thing you can do when your husband is ignoring you, is to assume that it’s about you, and then to precipitate an argument — just to get his attention — so that he’s not ignoring you anymore! (There are a few things worse than being ignored!)

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cover page, gonzalez s

New Issue Of Proverbs 31 For The Average Woman

Posted  November 8, 2011  by  Shari Popejoy

I’m pleased to introduce you to another one of my amazingly average Proverbs 31 Woman friends! I hope you’ll enjoy meeting her, and feel free to link this issue to your Facebook pages so others can get to know her, too. All of the photographs in this article were taken by Veda Gonzalez, and are used by permission of Veda Gonzalez Photography.

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Saturday Grapevine; For Women Only

Posted  January 15, 2012  by  Shari Popejoy

I suspect that the single most effective way to reveal areas of spiritual growth needed in a Christian wife is through our sexuality. If your marital sexuality is a painful reminder of past failures — leaving you feeling inadequate and insufficient — there is hope. God said that marriage is VERY GOOD! He designed the intimacy of marriage to be a great gift.

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50 Days of Encouragement

Countdown #27; More Ways To Share CHRISTmas With Your Husband

Posted  December 6, 2011  by  Shari Popejoy

Even if your husband is ambivalent about God, or has no interest in attending church with you, here are some ways that you can share CHRISTmas in your home, and with your husband and family this Christmas season. It’s the best time of the year for a Christian wife and her unsaved husband to share spiritual unity.

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Give-aways and Freebies!

Hint to the Riddle Answer

Posted  February 18, 2011  by  Shari Popejoy

What is impossible to buy, can be had in exchange for nothing, and costs you everything?

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