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30 Days to Stop Fighting; blog.wonwithoutwords.com Conflict in Marriage

99 cent E-book 30 Days to Stop Fighting

For a limited time, get a discounted copy of the ebook ’30 Days to Stop Fighting, Strategies to Eliminate Conflict in Your Marriage’

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30 Days to My Anniversary

An interactive anniversary card for that guy who has everything!

gift ideas for husband; blog.wonwithoutwords.com Husband

Gift Ideas For the Hard to Buy For Husband

Need some great gift ideas for your hard-to-buy-for husband?

30 Days to Intimacy; sharipopejoy.com Intimacy

What Your Hubby Really Wanted for Father’s Day

No matter how many ties and shirts and tools he’s received as gifts, his favorite gift is still you!

blog.wonwithoutwords.com 100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

What Does A Man Really Want?

Your man wants (and needs) your unfailing love. It’s the least (and the most) you can do for him today.


100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

Forgive The Deeds Of Darkness

Posted  May 18, 2012  by  Shari Popejoy

If you are struggling with issues of darkness in your marriage, then you know what it is like to desire more, but be pulled back. You know what it is like to experience conflict and pain in your heart as your own flesh is drawn toward the pit in another body, while you are seeking to escape the slime.

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How To Subscribe to Won Without Words

Posted  February 14, 2011  by  Shari Popejoy

Three easy steps to subscribe to the FREE Won Without Words Blog to make sure you don’t miss any posts.

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50 Days of Encouragement

Celebrate The Moments of CHRISTmas

Posted  December 22, 2011  by  Shari Popejoy

Whatever your simply sensational moments may be, I hope you find time for it today! It’s really important to do that — even if you have to leave some other monstrously and seemingly important thing undone. It might be time to prioritize, and special moments should never be crossed off the list!

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Mary had a little lamb Easter Story; blog.wonwithoutwords.com
100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Posted  April 8, 2012  by  Shari Popejoy

Hope your day is blessed with new beginnings, redemptive resurrections, and tombs empty of tears and despair.

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Proverbs 31 for the Average Woman

P31 Post 14: Maybe You’re A Proverbs 31 Woman After All!

Posted  July 1, 2011  by  Shari Popejoy

Inspired by the simple things the Proverbs 31 Woman does to beautify her home, Pam shares this tip about how she made draperies for her home from some free fabric she was blessed to receive.

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30 Days to Romance

Romantic Point of View

Posted  January 22, 2013  by  Shari Popejoy

Sometimes the most romantic thing in the world is finding what would please him, and surprising him by doing something he would never expect you to do!

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How Polite Should I Be to My Husband?

Posted  December 3, 2014  by  Denise Barkdoll

When it comes to certain acts of politeness – deference, willingness to yield, putting forth my best side, choosing my words thoughtfully – am I more careful with others than I am with the one whom my soul loves?

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Money Monday: Wherefore Art Thou, O Revenuer?

Posted  August 22, 2011  by  Shari Popejoy

Honesty and our Christian duty requires that we report our income and duly pay our taxes. However, I believe that it is bad stewardship to give one penny more to the government than is their due, that could instead be invested into godly programs or into our own children’s futures.

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100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

Rights, Reality And ‘Rithmetic

Posted  May 8, 2012  by  Shari Popejoy

It never helps to want what we don’t have. It’s akin to lust and covetousness, which are thought processes and heart disease that are forbidden to Christians. It’s best to accept reality and learn to love it, all the while hoping in faith for the miracle of more. (Because God is a powerful multiplier of joy when he divides our sorrows.)

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A Psalm for Dreary Days

Posted  May 10, 2011  by  Shari Popejoy

Praise Him in the brokenness, in the dreary days. That’s when you need to praise most!

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