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100 Financial Tips From the Proverbs 31 Woman

Posted March 10, 2013 by Shari Popejoy

Download your free copy of 100 Financial tips from the Proverbs 31 Woman, and subscribe to Won Without Words.

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I love you
Conflict in Marriage

What If I Don’t Love My Husband?

Posted July 31, 2012 by Shari Popejoy

But, if you’ve lost that loving feeling, you might want to do what I did one day when I sat down and honestly reflected on whether I really loved my husband. What I discovered caused me to get to work to learn how to love my husband all over again!

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Conflict in Marriage

What If My Husband Is Annoying?

Posted June 27, 2012 by Shari Popejoy

So. . . my general rule is that if my husband is particularly annoying, rather than immediately jumping to the conclusion that he is just purposely trying to annoy me, so that I might get irritable and cranky, and react in a way that could possibly cause a conflict, that might blow up into an argument, that could potentially turn into days of fighting. . . perhaps I should consider that I am receiving the signals incorrectly.

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100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

The Fragrance Of Suffering

Posted April 5, 2012 by Shari Popejoy

If your life weeps with the pain of imperfection, do not run away in fear. There is a fragrance of suffering that brings healing. Take a moment today, to allow the healing grace of God to collect the fragrance of your pain, just as he collects each tear (Psalm 56:8).

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What IF I Don’t Respect My Husband?

Posted July 26, 2012 by Shari Popejoy

So, if you’re having trouble respecting certain qualities in your husband, just give him the general respect you’d extend to a stranger. Build on that. Don’t make it so personal. Respect is something we award, a medal of honor that we extend to our fellow man in recognition of their role and position in our lives — not necessarily in relation to their worth or their achievements, but simply a common courtesy.

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Mo Howard Music; sacred gift
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Marc at Eleven; How God Directs Our Paths

Posted May 4, 2013 by Shari Popejoy

Because Marc at Eleven is the Marc that God brought all the way from the Ozarks down to Texas so a man of God could pray over him.

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Saturday Grapevine; Eden in Grayscale

Posted November 3, 2012 by Shari Popejoy

Lovemaking is alive—a body-and-soul experience of two lovers becoming one. True intimacy is the dream-come-true of two imperfect, fallen yet redeemed lovers, who are seeking to get back to Eden.

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‘Won Without Words’ Now Available by Shopping Cart

Posted March 12, 2011 by Shari Popejoy

My book, Won Without Words can be purchased right here.

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Love Responds
30 Days to Romance

Love Responds

Posted February 14, 2013 by Shari Popejoy

Love conquers all — by covering over the negatives, leading the way to redemption, and always hoping for restoration.

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How to attract a man Won Without Words
100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

How to be Attractive Without Repelling Him Like Static Cling

Posted April 17, 2012 by Shari Popejoy

There was something that attracted him to you in the beginning. You are still that same woman — only better!

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