100 Days To My Anniversary 2012, Holidays

Three Days At A Time

Ever lost your child for a moment? A moment that seems like a frenzied forever? What was your response when your child was restored to your arms? Overwhelming joy, love, hugs and kisses,? Or the terror swallowed in a relief that is released in a burst of, “How could you do this to me? Don’t you ever do that to me again.”

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The Weeping Of The Evergreen

As we prepare for Easter this week, the most important Christian observance on the calendar, I thought we could ponder the brokenness of Christ, the sacrifice he offered, the redemptive power of forgiveness, and the resurrection power of love — I thought we might consider the parallels of Christ’s conduct during the passion week — to marriage.

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Mary had a little lamb Easter Story; blog.wonwithoutwords.com

Mary Had a Little Lamb

And as the sword pierced his side, and water gushed from his heart, and splashed upon her face, combining with the tears gushing from her own heart, still her soul magnified the Lord.

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