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Saturday Grapevine; Get Outta The Rut!

Posted January 7, 2012 by Shari Popejoy

But, it can be really fun to just shake things up a bit! Do something completely unexpected that will make him gasp with amazement! Be creative and fun! Show him that you can still surprise him after all these years!

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Saturday Grapevine; A Bowl Of Fruit

Posted January 21, 2012 by Shari Popejoy

Have you ever considered that the Fruit of the Spirit should be evident in the marital bed? We could solve a lot of problems in Christian marriages by telling Christian wives to just exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit in their sexuality — perhaps all our marriage problems could be solved with a bowl of fruit!

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How to be more attracted to him in 30 days to intimacy.

Day 2: Ways a Woman Can Be Attractive

Posted March 21, 2013 by Shari Popejoy

It is the power of equally strong but opposite forces that keep you together in marriage with a magnetism of love that is as strong as death.

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intimacy is about relating; blog.wonwithoutwords.com

Intimacy is About Relating

Posted June 29, 2013 by Shari Popejoy

Intimacy is expressing love and connecting on an intimate level with the person you love, and have committed to in a lifelong covenant.

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100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

Does Perception Become Reality?

Posted April 25, 2012 by Shari Popejoy

He perceives you that way. To him, it is truth. To solve this with an argument, you would have to prove him wrong. . . and what does that solve? You either have to prove that he is a liar or an idiot for feeling that way. Let’s try to solve this without having a loser. The only way to do that is to let him own his feelings. Okay. He feels that way. His feelings are real. Don’t argue.

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Saturday Grapevine; For Women Only

Posted January 15, 2012 by Shari Popejoy

I suspect that the single most effective way to reveal areas of spiritual growth needed in a Christian wife is through our sexuality. If your marital sexuality is a painful reminder of past failures — leaving you feeling inadequate and insufficient — there is hope. God said that marriage is VERY GOOD! He designed the intimacy of marriage to be a great gift.

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Saturday Grapevine: What Goes Around Comes Around; The Power Of Response

Posted August 20, 2011 by Shari Popejoy

Response is powerful! It’s the difference between famine and abundance!

Are you experiencing famine or abundance in your marriage at this particular season? God created marriage as the one place where two people can enjoy abundance within the covenant of two becoming one. And if there is famine of intimacy, it can be alleviated by the power of response.

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Saturday Grapevine: You’re Just A Nut

Posted October 8, 2011 by Shari Popejoy

So, don’t hide yourself from him. He views your body as the mere shell to get through to the heart of the woman within — the woman he adores and craves so intensely. You are the meat of the nut to him!

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30 to romance button
30 Days to Romance

What Rhymes With Romance?

Posted January 15, 2013 by Shari Popejoy

Come visit the facebook page and give us a word that rhymes with romance! You might see your word used in a blog post soon!

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Day 10: Do Not Defraud One Another

Posted April 2, 2013 by Shari Popejoy

It is selfish to withhold something from your partner that you know he enjoys, that only you can provide (unless you have both agreed to some fervent prayer and fasting).

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