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Part 2: Just Me and the Chickens

Posted July 25, 2016 by Denise Barkdoll

I’m so glad you joined me for the second half of this two-part post!  Previously, I wrote about the strength and encouragement I draw from my Saviour Who has also walked this life in human flesh and was “touched with the feeling of our infirmities” (Hebrews 4:15).  It’s such a comfort to me to know […]

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I’m Changing How I See The Messy

Posted June 25, 2016 by Denise Barkdoll

Sisters, count it all joy when you clean up various messes… This loose take on James 1:2 popped into my brain recently as I was wiping up the greasy remnants of my husband’s French fry-ing adventure from the night before.  The thought came to me right after this one:  Why am I cleaning up a […]

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Happy Mother Day; blog.wonwithoutwords.com

Mother is a Beautiful and Comfortable Word

Posted May 7, 2015 by Shari Popejoy

Many of the problems of the world would be solved if we must mothered more!

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mismatch socks katy
Encouragement for Moms

Mom Goals. Getting My List On!

Posted February 7, 2015 by Cheryl Oberdieck

My personal goals usually play second fiddle to my primary vocation – supporting the health and welfare of my family. Yet if I am totally neglecting those personal goals, ultimately that vocation suffers too.

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Throwback Thursdays

Cool Mom’s Day Off

Posted October 26, 2014 by Cheryl Oberdieck

Truth be told, some days mom is not even close to calm, cool and collected and is ready to hand the job over.

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Mother's Day; blog.wonwithoutwords.com

If I Were in Charge of Mother’s Day

Posted May 8, 2014 by Shari Popejoy

A perfect Mother’s Day is not about honoring the noun Mother, but about respecting the nurturing gifts that we find in so many wonderful women, and are summed up in the verb mother.

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