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100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

The Power Of Two

Posted March 27, 2012 by Shari Popejoy

There is something spiritual and supernatural that occurs when a man and woman covenant together in unity. The power of two! When two people agree together, their individual power combines to produce a force of much greater impact than available to two separate individuals.

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100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

Lord’s Day Devotional; The Power To Stand Against The Enemy Of Your Marriage

Posted March 25, 2012 by Shari Popejoy

It is important that you make your marriage a safe haven, and eliminate strife and discord so that there is unity.

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50 Days of Encouragement

Countdown #35; Common Ground

Posted November 28, 2011 by Shari Popejoy

Instead of thinking about the things that drive you crazy (and apart), concentrate on what you have enjoyed about your relationship — something that was fun, and something that made you laugh together.

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