This fun exercise prompts you to start the timer for five minutes and write. . . whatever. . .  The topic is “Deep Breath”.  You might enjoy the process . . . of writing. . . or deep breathing for 5 minutes, too!


Deep breath.  Let me stop for a moment and take a deep breath.  One that expands the belly, fills the lungs way down deep, where the air doesn’t descend very often.  Healing breath.  One moment.  We are only one breath away from. . . not breathing.  And what a moment each moment is.  Inhale. . . exhale. . . is that all life is?

Is there not momentous in moment?  Or is it moment in momentous?  Either way, it is significant.  There is a heart beat that represents all that I live and love.  There is a brain wave that carries a sea of thought on its ebb and flow.  There is a sense, a feeling of presence. . . His presence. . . in every moment. . . every breath.

I’ve been talking about fragrance this week. . . fragrance that you can inhale.  Fragrance that carries the awareness that God is in each moment, that He is present. . . and that if you can stop and take a deep breath. . . you can sense Him in the moment.  It is true.  Believe my own words. . . inhale.  Sense Him in the moment. . . in the momentous. . .


This was a fun creative-writing experience prompted by: