Back bent and stooped, she pulls away from the brokenness of the curse, alienating herself from any association with the deeds of darkness.  She is so appalled at the despicable deviance of the disgusting display of debauchery, that she recoils in aversion and abhorrence.

But what she doesn’t know, is that her reaction to the despicable curse, has deformed her, has permanently affected her, has caused her to withdraw from the pain in such a way that her beauty, her creativity, her bounty is misshapen and thwarted.

It is no wonder that the tender peach tree wanted to avoid the sharp, spiny,  invasive, thorn tree.  The locust tree was thriving, stealing the sunlight, purloining the nutrients from the soil, intimidating the petite peach tree.  What the peach tree didn’t know was that there was a plan to remove the curse of the thorn tree.  The plan was put in place long ago to remove the thorn tree, but life and living got in the way, and another season of growth occurred before the curse was removed.

Meanwhile, the peach tree, growing away from the curse, purposely reached toward destruction.  If she had continued growing toward the lane, then she was in danger herself of being severely pruned, or removed, cast onto the heaping brush pile waiting to be burned into crackling flames, wisps of smoke, dry ash.

If only she had decided to grow straight and tall anyway, even in the midst of the curse, within the embrace of the thorn tree, then she would not have the added burden of the deformity, now that the curse has been removed.

Do you have an intimidating power of darkness that claims an intimate position with you?  Are you growing in the shadow of the curse?  Is your tender growth affected by the disdain you feel for the harsh, sinful, behavior that has snuggled up close to you in your marriage, in your home?

Dear woman, do not despair.  There is a hope, a plan, a purpose.  There is a Master Gardener who is watching out for your growth, for your bounty, for your beauty.  Do not pull away from the pain.  Do not become deformed because of the depravity.  You just keep growing strong and straight toward the sunlight of His love.  This, too, shall pass.  And He has  a plan to strengthen you for the future.

If you spend these formative years pulling away, struggling, fighting, kicking against the goads, you miss out on forming a strong trunk, growing a healthy system, for the beautiful, tender, delicious peaches that are waiting to burst out in brilliant color on you, oh, beautiful, wondrous woman of talent and promise.

So, get on your knees, implore your maker for the strength to stand, to resist with faith this onslaught, to grow straight and strong in the midst of perverse pain.  And then wipe your tears, stand tall, and resist the evil, with the power of Christ and the knowledge of His purpose and plan in your life.  Grow straight and tall, with more dignity and poise than you ever thought possible.

You have much to offer, there is much to birth in you, there is a bountiful harvest of beauty within your tender stems, just waiting to blossom in fragrance and delicate beauteous bloom.

“No longer will they call you Deserted, or name your land Desolate.  But you will be called Hephzibah, and your land Beulah; for the LORD will take delight in you, and your land will be married.”  Isaiah 62:4

Be blessed, you perfect peach of a lady!!


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