Ever watch Wyle E. Coyote get bested by a roadrunner time after time?

Well, I’m in the same league as ole Wyle E.! It seems that a roadrunner is more romantic than I am!

As a long-term pair, the roadrunner couple renews its bond every year at mating season by an elaborate courtship display. Their romance involves cooing, bowing, dancing, and exchanging food and nest material. In other words, they exchange gifts, and go dancing, and flirt, and engage in loving displays of their attraction and affection to each other.

I don’t know about you, but many anniversaries have gone by without a coo or a bow on my part!

So what did you do on your last anniversary? At the very least, you should go out to dinner, go dancing, exchange gifts, and then steam up the windows on the way home! If not, you’re no more romantic than a roadrunner either!

My husband is so great at giving gifts. . . but even though I can write a book with elaborate story plots, complex characters, and witty dialog. . . I can’t seem to come up with one imaginative gift. . . that will really impress my husband. I’m really starting to feel like a dodo, and it’s making me a little cuckoo!

So, I’m committing to finding ways that will show my husband that I care about him, like he so sweetly does for me. It could be as simple as a note, or a token, or a reminder, or a silly something sentimental. . . but I’m going to make an effort to be at least as romantic as a roadrunner this year. And I’ll share the results with you. . . maybe you’ll want to try some of these things, too!

The only trick is that it has to be something that he enjoys. . . I can’t come up with an idea like . . . ballroom dancing lessons. . . call it romantic. . . and then force him to go just to please me. The trick is to find what makes him smile, intrigues him, appeals to him, and engages him, draws him in, makes him involuntarily take a step toward me. . . captivating and alluring little old me. . . just before I turn and go speeding away. . . and the chase is on. . . beep beep!