Thank you all for joining me for the past 100 days on the journey to my anniversary.

I really enjoyed writing tips of encouragement, and remembering how wonderfully faithful God has been to me and my husband as He restored our marriage, and gave us a gift that is VERY GOOD!

In fact, I’ve enjoyed it so much, that I would like to continue offering frequent encouragement to wives. I’ll be ‘unveiling’ a new series soon, so stick with me!

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll humor me as I honor my husband for his wonderful anniversary gift to me!

He knows that I like solitude and quiet moments, so he found a quiet cabin which felt like it was in the middle of nowhere! But actually it was just a couple miles from a paved bike trail, that traverses 444 miles of scenic Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi countryside. It’s like a hidden wonder! It’s beautifully maintained, and quietly quaint!

We rode the tandem together, and explored bluffs, springs and waterfalls. Then after giving me just enough togetherness, he took his ‘half-bike’ and rode to his heart’s content, giving me time to write and meditate and contemplate, while immersing my senses in the quiet nature that I love.

Thanks Marc! You planned an incredible anniversary weekend. I don’t know how you manage to do it time after time, but you always manage to WOW me with your gifts! Me? Well, I’m worse than a roadrunner at planning anniversary fun. . . but I’ll tell you more about that later! Meanwhile,

Happy Anniversary to all of you wonderful ladies who married in June, and I hope that you find opportunity to celebrate your love and your relationship in ways that are meaningful and memorable for you and your husband!

Shari (wife of Marc since June 2, 1984!)