Thanks for joining me for the ‘Proverbs 31 For The Average Woman‘ series!

Throughout these posts, I’m going to introduce you to a real Proverbs 31 Woman — my heroine, my example, my ideal, someone like my Grandma Rose, someone you wouldn’t notice in a crowd, but you would be blessed if she noticed you — an average woman named — well, I’ll tell you her name later.

Instead, let me begin to tell you about my friend by telling you what she wasn’t.

She wasn’t rich or accomplished.  She didn’t have any noticeable advantages.  She had no special talents.  She had no connections.  She had no verifiable skills that set her apart that you would especially notice.  And yet when given a checklist like Proverbs 31, she met them all. The thing that changed her life was something that anyone could do.

The day that changed the direction she was going was not significant to anyone other than herself, in fact, it was an act of mercy and compassion that changed the course of her life — something she couldn’t do on her own, but that someone did for her.  She could take no credit for her ultimate greatness — because its humble beginning was bestowed upon her as a result of her desire and need.

She could have been any one of a number of women who passed through Ellis Island, a foreigner, with unusual customs, strange accented speech, few belongings, no assets, a burden on the goodwill of society. Some people call them immigrants — some call them aliens, and if not for the fact that she traveled with a friend, she could have been considered an illegal alien — a heathen.

In fact, she was. . . from the wrong side of the tracks — gasp! She didn’t fit in. She didn’t do or say things that were just right. She was overlooked by the other women, and pitied by the in-crowd. She drew attention to herself at times just because she was different, and no amount of class or distinction was going to make a difference — she would always be — well — different.

She didn’t hang out with the pretty girls, or the popular crowd, and she didn’t have time for social-networking or upward mobility. And her prospects for moving on up to the big-time, were quite dismal. Her future looked bleak, just day after day of the same old grind; a chance for advancement looked pretty hopeless. It looked like she had just better accept the fact that this is the way things are — it will never be any different than it is today. . .

Does any of this describe you? Well, then, my dear friend, you are a prime candidate to be the next Proverbs 31 Woman! And I would be honored to meet you and shake your hand (or give you a hug!). Because you have all the qualities that are necessary to be extraordinary and unique!

There is nothing more common than the in-crowd! Every little organization has one. Borrrr-ing! You have potential to be spectacularly stupendously supernaturally simply AVERAGE!!! And in that simple position, there is purpose, and potential, and promise that you cannot even imagine. (Jeremiah 29:11)

No eye has seen, no ear has heard what kind of remarkable woman you really are. There is an incorruptible seed planted deep within your heart that will grow the most rare and exquisite flower that the world has NEVER seen before. And only you can grow it, my dear friend. And grow it you must — for the glory of the Gardener, who wants to behold your beauty, to kiss your petals and breathe your fragrance, as He displays you in pride and affection as His perfect prize.

And in this series I’m going to show you how my friend tended the garden of her heart, and what simple things she did to help her grow into a woman of noble character and inner beauty, that became the talk of the town!

I’ll tell you more about my friend next time.


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