Here is an early cover concept for my next book, ‘Wrestling Shadows’.

In this book, Rachael Livingstone wrestles with her doubts, fears and self-confidence as she helps her beloved horse fight some battles of his own. Together they discover that things are not always as they appear, and sometimes the most difficult battles are those we fight in our own heart and mind. This is a heartwarming ‘girl and her horse’ story with deep spiritual principles hidden in the allegorical story, — or it can just be a fun fantasy for horse lovers!

And just for Dad, I’m including the dedication page in time for Father’s Day:

To my dad, a real horseman, who taught me everything I know about people. A storyteller, with a love for life, a legendary work ethic, and the sparkling blue eyes of his Irish ancestors, he shaped who I am today, by blessing me with an extraordinary childhood.

Because of his love and acceptance of me, I never lacked the confidence to know my true value and worth.  He was a man who could take a birthmark and turn it into a beauty mark. By taking a mark that in another man’s eyes could have been a flaw and transforming it into a mark of distinction, which I wore with pride — (just because I believed him), he gave me a great gift of self-acceptance.  He had the power to give me a great gift, the power every father has to make his daughter beautiful and confident, and in return become a hero himself — in her eyes. Every father has this opportunity, if he possesses the one thing required to take on the role — courage.

And because I always wanted to make you as proud of me as I was of you, Dad, you kept me from the pit of many disasters. Thank you for being my Dad, and for blessing me with an invaluable gift of security, confidence, and balance.

This is how I always see my dad!  Happy Father’s Day Dad!