“The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her so that he shall have no need of spoil.” Proverbs 31:11

Hebrew of the Westminster Leningrad Codex: leb. . . ba’al. . . batach. . . chacer. . . lo. . . chacer. . . shalal

Translation:  inner man. . . husband. . . trust/secure. . . lack/decrease/have need. . . not. . . lack/decrease/have need. . . plunder/prey/failure

The Proverbs 31 Woman’s husband has a secure trust in her, a trust that inspires a confidence and security within his heart that he will never truly lack as long as he has her, and he has no reason to fear failure because in her eyes he will always be a success.

He can trust you with the checkbook. You will increase his bottom line instead of decrease his networth.

He doesn’t have to worry about what you say about him to others. He can hold his head high knowing that you speak only words that affirm his good character and integrity.

He doesn’t have to worry that you will bring a scandal to the good name he presented you, or shame him in public by your actions or infidelity.

He doesn’t have to doubt that you will care for the children well, keeping them safe, being a good example to them, raising them to be children that bring him honor.

He has full confidence in you, that you will do as he wishes. He doesn’t have to wonder if you will do as he asks, and he doesn’t have to check up on you like he does the children or his employees.

He knows within his heart that even if the whole world turned against him, if the bottom fell out of his stock portfolio, if your family were cast out into the street, if all he had left in the world was the treasure of you. . . it would be enough.

His wife is not a burden to him, but a helpmate. Yes, he protects and provides, but that is his honor and duty, and actually enhances his life to serve in that valuable role. And yes, he tenderly cares for her, as he would protect a valuable and priceless treasure, being sensitive to her vulnerabilities and occasional frailties. But he doesn’t have to fear the raging lunacy of constant upheaval, emotional outbursts, crying fits, and the turmoil of mental blackmail by an unstable and immature wife.

Does your husband have full confidence in you?

Can he depend on your loyalty?

Can he trust you to be an equal partner, a source of solace, an honorable helpmate?

This is not an impossible character trait. It is actually easy enough for a child to accomplish! Your baby trusts you completely — so should your husband. You are the only one who can damage the trust your husband has in you — you are the only one who can repair it — not by words, but by repeated acts of trustworthiness.

By inspiring trust in your husband, you actually rise in his estimation. The amount of trust and confidence that your husband has in you directly equates to the amount of power and control you have in the marriage. The more he trusts you, the more he releases into the power of your hand to control, and as a result the more he places you upon a pedestal of honor and regard as you become even more valuable to him.

We plant seeds of trust, we reap a harvest of honor and position. May we, as women, learn this principle of the value of acquiring the trust and confidence of our husbands, and become the other half of his heart, as he safely trusts in us, his ‘one flesh‘.


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